Friday, 23 March 2012

In A Glasshouse

Good afternoon, comrades

It's a big day for us.  Last night, exactly fourteen months to the day after making it's first preliminary demo tape, we received the finished master of our single 'In A Glasshouse'.  It's an ambitious new direction that marks the beginning of an exciting project, and we're all immensely proud of how it's turned out.

Dive in - it's free to download and explore over at

Tonight is the launch party and the start of the mighty Make Believe Tank Tour, so it's gonna be a pretty special night.  We'll be showing Emily's artwork, and you'll be able to buy exclusive prints of some of the images.  Here's the Facebook link - starts about half seven.

I'm not going to go off on one this time with some unreadable annal regarding it's creation, but would still very much like to mention the folk that were involved in the process of making the website, if only because we can't actually pay the poor bastards and they deserve some sort of recompense for those long and awful hours spent in communication with people like ourselves.

Emily Hair helped us develop the idea and brought it to life in a much more vivid and original way than we had initially imagined.  Despite the massive workload we saddled her with, she insisted on doing them in what seems like a pretty labor intensive way by etching into lino before painting over the top.  She's got a really exceptional and individual style, and these works only scratch the surface of her overall project.  Make sure you take time to properly investigate her blog, where she's always posting the things she's working on.

Alex McGivern is one of mine and Sean's oldest friends; a couple of years above us in school, he introduced us to dark ale, tabletop RPG's and nihilism.  We've been wanting to work with him ever since playing 'Countdown to Extinction', a game in which….well, head over to his website and you'll see for yourself.  He's a part of a group called The Reality Council who are experimenting with gaming in new and exciting ways, an influence you can really feel in the 'World' of In a Glasshouse.

Finally, Matt Byrne and Chris Parker (the aforementioned crunkle who is the photographer behind the war photos) played Johnny Harris and Jimmy Shoes on 'Hard Radio', and helped to create a lot of it's content.  A pair of very talented jokers, you can check out some of their weird and wonderful skits over at Chris's vimeo.

The track itself, as I've already gushed, sounds fucking awesome.  We'd worked with the producer, Graeme Steel, back on Take No Thought For Tomorrow, which was a pretty intense experience and meant that we knew each other really well from the outset; it was as fun an experience as going into a studio can be, and we couldn't imagine the track sounding any more perfect or close to what we'd wanted.  

Right.  Arselicking done, I'm off to drink some Pale Cream to celebrate the wrap.  Will you see you tonight for some messy rock and roll.

Al x

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