Tuesday, 7 February 2012

GIG ALERT: Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Saturday 11th February

Our first Edinburgh show of the year is upon us.  Glasgow has been and gone on the wettest of burns nights in the largest of empty clubs.  Missed out?  Read the review here.  As to our hometown, we'll be playing the excellent Limbo night at the Voodoo Rooms this Saturday with some fine support and would be most pleased to have your company whilst we do so.  The Facebook page is over here and you can buy tickets through here

Still unsure?  Troubled with doubt?  Allow me to ruin the suprise with some videos of our last appearance.  There are small differences, like Sean having a beard, but really Saturday is going to be much of that proverbial muchness.

Well no, that's not quite true.  We've got another new song and have re-worked some old faveourites so you'll have plenty to keep yourself occupied should you choose to come party.

Newswise, we've been bustling away in the studio down at Jewel and Esk these past few weeks recording a brand new single which we're going to release in a combination of fashion item and trendy new technology....but more on this later.  Not sworn to secrecy or anything, it's just that we have yet to 1) come up with a song name and 2) come up with the cash.