Sunday, 28 August 2011

Dress Up with The Crunkle; War; New Songs

So we’ve been photographing ourselves.  It’s apparently a necessity, and the attempts in the past have been so disastrous we decided to take the matter into our own hands.  Kind photographers have made heroic efforts at trying to not make us look like a bunch of dorks….to no avail.  See exhibits a b and c

(Hmmm I can't work out how to embed exhibit b, but it's pretty hilarious - it's in the photo part of this review of limbo, go have yourself a wee chuckle at my dreadful hair and our bizarre expressions...)

I assure you we’re some hot ass in real life, we just aint that photogenic. To circumvent this problem – well - we did what all ugly and uncool people have done throughout history: dressed up as soldiers and fannyed around.  Check it out!

So much fun.  Haven't played dress up in a long long time and we all regressed to a playground mentality.  That's why we're in that there skip.  Sure, they kind of look like we play too much Warhammer, but we're all dead chuffed with how it turned out.  

They were taken by our good friend The Crunkle, a strange and lank figure who refuses to bend his spine.  Quite talented, though – if you follow him on the old twitter (@elwinkingman) you can find out what he’s up to.  He’s just directed a series of films about dresses based on horrific diseases, an event he’s celebrated by ordering a big pack of business cards.

And we got new songs for the album up, just up there – download them for free, play them at parties, have a wee cry etc etc.

Al xxx