Saturday, 5 November 2011

GIG ALERT: Cabaret Voltaire, 26th of November

Two months since we descended into our secret underground lair, our plotting and scheming has finally returned it’s harvest: rock and roll in Edinburgh on the 26th.  Check out this totally awesome poster we have cooked up for it:

Business: here’s the link for the facebook event.  We’d be so very grateful if you’d paste it around your social media to make us look famous. 

Pleasure: though we’ve been quiet on the outside world, our subterraneous cavern has provided us a whole range of opportunities outside the usual activities of Bruce Springsteen and Peggle.

 1. We have a van.
 2. We have three new totally awesome songs.

And the newest one, never before heard, we will hopefully be premiering at this here gig.  To our dismay, it’s just passed the ten-minute mark and I am increasingly worried we are going to turn into some kind of ridiculous fannybaws prog act.  But alarm yourselves not, squares, I’m sure you will still have a high old time with the rock and roll. 

Right, so we'll see you on the 26th for a hoot and a half.

Till then!

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