Thursday, 30 June 2011

News, with Guitar Solos

Every band has to always be asking itself the question: are they as good as AC/DC?  The point isn't that you'll ever be AS good, but it's a great little technique to help you grow some balls.  Seems like we've grow a little lax with this vital thought experiment, and when some nutter got in touch with us on the internet with that very question we were fairly taken aback.

One thing they have which we don't?  Face-melting mother-fucking four-by-four piece-of-cedar ass-whooping metal-on-metal heavy-ass guitar solos.  Well not anymore folks.  Not anymore.  We've done a wee number that's got one which will drive you INSANE with the full force rocking.  I lie awake at night asking myself the question how we let ourselves get by without one for so long.  Perhaps this is the reason people have always been calling us a folk band. 

In other important news, we're playing the Scottish Parliament on friday around half four to celebrate it's opening, and then on saturday we'll be kicking wir jams at the Pyramid Stage of Kelburn Garden Party in the later part of the evening.

To celebrate these wonderful events why not have a listen to some tasty-fine noodling from the greats.  

1) The Boss and Morello

OF COURSE you work for him.  You just don't know it yet.

2) Prince

Watch him at the end send the guitar back up to heaven, it's work on earth now being done.

3) Metallica

A great example of a guitar playing a man, rather than the traditional method of it being the other way around.

3) David Gilmour

Basically, Waters - fuck off.

4) And finally...Slayer

The annihilation of the earth itself?  The sound of the triumph of the hordes of hell?  No!  A guitar solo!


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